How to Increase Form Completion

If you really want to get more leads, newsletter signups, bookings etc from your online forms, then here’s a baker’s dozen of tips to increase your results.

Some of the old school marketers among you will have a hard time accepting the recommendations, but if you want more leads then read on.

The info graphic was created by Neil Patel from Quicksprout


1: Less Fields = More Conversions

Number of online form fields

The fewer fields your prospect has to fill in the better. Conversion rates decrease dramatically once you go over three fields.

The reasons are simple. Adding more fields creates more friction, takes more time and thought for the user to fill in, so it becomes easier for the user to just abandon the form.

See also Bryan Eisenberg’s excellent article Conversion Optimization 101: Optimizing Complex Web Forms (w/ 10 Point Checklist) for a great case study in how to optimise a form.


2: Drop Downs are the Worst

drop downs in online forms

Related to the above, if you use drop downs containing fields, your form conversion rate will be even less.


3:  Don’t Ask for What You Don’t Need

Ask for minimal info in online forms

This is something most of us have been saying for years, but still many businesses are ignoring it. Only ask for the bare minimum of information that you require. Usually a name and an email address is all you should ask for.

In most cases you don’t need anything other than that.

  • Asking for age reduces conversion by 3%
  • Phone 5%
  • State 2%
  • Street Address 4%
  • All up that’s a 14% drop in conversions

See also Hubspot’s Which Types of Form Fields Lower Landing Page Conversions? for more graphs and data.


4: “Optional” Doubles Conversion

Make phone optional

Making fields optional can double conversion rates.


5: Don’t Use “Submit”

No submit button

The words you use in your forms and on your buttons matter.  Using “submit” decreases conversion by 3%. Using “Click Here” converts 30% better than “Submit.”


6: Reduce Space between Fields

Narrow form field spacing

This makes it easier to read and increases the reader’s flow.


7: Left vs Right Forms

left vs right forms

Changing the position of your forms can result in a 25% increase in leads. (As always, you should test and measure this for yourself.)


8: Change Words for a 113% Increase

risk free words

One site got a 113% increase in conversions when they changed the words from “Risk Free” to “Free and Unlimited Access.”


Quick Tips List

  • 1: Use Less Fields
  • 2: No Drop Downs
  • 3: Only Ask for the Least Info
  • 4: No Phone Number
  • 5: No Age
  • 6: No City
  • 7: No State
  • 8: No Street Address
  • 9: Make Fields “Optional”
  • 10:  No “Submit”
  • 11: Reduce Space between Fields
  • 12: Try Left or Right
  • 13: Words Matter

You can view the full info graphic here.


The Funny Side

For a more humorous and totally irreverent look at online forms see my earlier post "Make Your Forms Suck Less


The Madness

You can also read The Madness of Online Forms which contains a list of resources at the end to help you design better forms.

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