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  • Email: Still the Number 1 Way to Engage with Your Customers

    Digital DownunderAustralians prefer to engage with brands via email far more than any other medium, according to the Digital Down Under report from Exact Target.

    While social media continues to hog the spotlight, email marketing continues to deliver the results.

    As an online marketing strategy for a business engaging with fans, email can’t be beat. Email remains the preferred medium for contact between customers and brands across all age groups.

    In total, 96% of email users will engage with a brand, while only 55% will do so on Facebook and a paltry 6% will do so on Twitter.

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    Sep 27, 2012
  • Anatomy of a Perfect Email

    perefect email mobileHere's a great infographic for you to use when designing your marketing emails.

    While it is aimed more at mobile users, the points are equally as valid for normal email design.


    • Always design for the end reader
    • Have a call to action
    • Get to the point
    • Make an offer
    • Keep it simple

    View anatomy...

    Jun 09, 2012
  • Broken Email Communication

    If Your Product’s Broken, How Will You Ever Know?

    broken email communicationOne of the things that infuriates me is when I receive an email from a company with a no-reply email address.

    Surprisingly it is usually customer service departments that use this non-communication technique.

    I just find the thinking behind such tactics incomprehensible.

    Email is supposed to be a communication between two people, but putting a no-reply address in the address bar renders it one way.

    Apart from being incredibly rude, it seems like a missed opportunity for any company to improve its products and services.

    If the social media revolution has taught us anything, it is that we like to communicate and engage with brands that treat us as valuable human beings. Imagine that, who knew?

    Using a no-reply email obviously breaks that ability for customers to communicate with companies.

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    May 30, 2012
  • Saying Thank You Increases Sales

    thank you noteSaying thank you to your customers can earn you tens of thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra revenue every month.

    One of my clients has quietly been running a triggered email thank you campaign that is consistently generating around $40,000 a month.

    I was blown over when I first saw the stats coming in, as it’s a pretty simple concept. If someone buys something, they send them an email that says: "Hey, thanks for buying our stuff," and not much else.

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    Apr 18, 2012
  • Email Still Unbeatable for Online Marketing

    2012 Channel Survey

    Exact Target’s recent 2012 Channel Preference Survey reveals some interesting facts about what actually works in online marketing.

    The results are sure to upset the “shiny ball” crowd who love playing with the latest new technology, but the fact is that email is far and away the best online marketing tool you can use.

    Nothing else even comes close.

    The survey conducted in Jan and Feb this year asked how consumers preferred to get marketing messages and interact with brands.

    The results are staggering.

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    Apr 09, 2012
  • Powerful Email Copywriting

    Stop being drowned out by loud men and get YOUR view recognised

    email copywriting example

    This email is a great example of many of the things you need to do in an email to increase your response rate. You can click on the image for a larger view.

    Firstly, the subject line, the one that appears in your inbox is intriguing, powerful, and bold. It tells you what the email is about.

    "Stop being drowned out by loud men and get YOUR view recognised"

    If you see it, you just have to open the email and read more, and that’s exactly the subject line’s job – to get you to open the email. (Click image to see full email.)

    Next the headline of the email continues to tell you what the email is about “Powerful Communication Skills for Women."


    Mar 26, 2012
  • Remind, Reintroduce and Re-seduce

    -  essential email and lead follow-up tips.


    Just because someone signed up to your email newsletter or service doesn’t mean they have a clue who you are.

    Your customers are bombarded by a virtual tsunami of messages every day.  Inevitably such a torrent will flush out even the important messages, the one’s your customer really wants to remember.

    Trying to swim against this digital riptide for both marketer and customer is almost impossible.

    If you’re following up a lead, customer enquiry or even sending a communication to a new subscriber it can pay to start the relationship from scratch, all over again.

    (Sort of like pretending you’re meeting your wife, hubby or partner for the first time.)


    Mar 15, 2012
  • Email Still Beats Social Media

    Email still remains the king of online marketing, and even snail mail performs much better than social media.

    A recent survey by Crossview revealed that 39% of customers preferred to receive promotional messages via email as opposed to just 9% from social media.

    The old fashioned direct mailer (via snail mail) also remains a potent tool, with 23% preferring it over social media.

    That's not to say that social media isn't an effective tool, it's just that as marketers and business owners we need to keep perspective on where we're focusing our marketing efforts.

    In other words don't abandon email and mailers for the latest "flavour of the day" internet marketing technique.

    Jul 26, 2010
  • Email Deliverability - Getting To First Base

    Creative Commons License photo credit: ttarasiuk

    Email is still the killer online marketing tactic, however, making sure your carefully crafted email gets through to the intended recipient, let alone read, is a real obstacle course.

    Undelivered and bounced emails are the bane of most online marketers, and the reasons emails bounce can be endless and labyrinthine.

    Given that email is still one of the most effective online marketing tools, it is well worth fine-tuning everything about your email campaigns to get the maximum return you can. (See Email is Still King of Online Marketing.)

    Recently a fellow Goouze and Linkedin contact, Kathryn Millette, Internet Manager at R. G. Barry Corporation, asked why her latest email was triggering high spam scores and being bounced.

    A quick look at Kathy’s email immediately revealed some obvious, but all too common problems. The following analysis of Kathy’s email has lessons for us all.

    Mar 23, 2009
  • Email Still King of Online Marketing

    A recent survey by Datran Media shows that good old email is still the number one tactic for producing online marketing results.
    email results

    Over 80% of the marketers surveyed said email was the most effective online marketing tactic, followed by search at over 57% and display ads at 42%.

    (Interestingly the survey didn’t ask how much they spent on improving onsite conversion factors, but that’s a whole other story.)

    Email’s dominance is not particularly surprising; it has always been a highly effective online marketing tactic.

    Feb 23, 2009
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