Google Analytics Site Performance Dashboard

 - a custom dashboard to see how fast your site performs

If you’ve read previous posts in this blog you’ll know that you can lose a customer in less time than it takes to blink. These posts detailed the work Microsoft, Google and others have done on the effect of slow loading sites on sales, registrations and conversions.

Blink and You’ll Lose a Customer

Slow Sites Will Kill Your Sales

55% of Shoppers Abandon Poor Performing Sites

So the evidence is quite compelling about the efect of speed on sales.

But just how do you find out how well your own site is performing?

Where to Find the Report in Google Analytics

This custom dashboard will give you an instant overview of how well your site is performing speed wise.

Just click this link to instantly install it to your Google Analytics account.

Then click the Home tab, and then Dashboards and you’ll see the Site Performance Dashboard link.


What it all means

The dashboard should be fairly self explanatory, but here’s a quick guide.

The first column shows you the average load times of your pages and server (ie your web host).

The middle column shows you Mobile load times and how fast your site loads in different browsers.


The third column shows how fast you site loads in different countries. This is useful if you are targeting international markets.

In the bottom half of the middle column you can also see load times for your most popular pages. This allows you to see if you have any problems with slow loading pages.

Anything over 1 second should be investigated and fixed.

Any questions, just ask below.

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