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  • New Linkedin Features – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    gbuReaction to the new Linkedin layout has been mixed, so I decided to take an in depth look at what’s hot and what’s not about the new Linkedin.

    Overall the new design looks fresher, cleaner and modern and the facelift was probably long overdue. However, the new look is not without some clunkiness which hasn’t gone unnoticed by many Linkedin users.

    Also, the new features are being released in stages so not everyone will be seeing all of them yet.

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    Sep 12, 2012
  • Who Owns Your Network - You or Your Employer?

    social media gag

    While many of us are busy building up our professional online networks to advance our careers and business, how many of us have given a thought to who actually owns our connections?

    Most of us assume that it’s our network, and we own it, but the law is quite grey around this issue.

    There have already been court cases where companies have sued to have their ex employees online contact lists either deleted or handed over to the company.

    The courts have ruled favourable on both sides in the handful of cases that have already been tested.

    In Britain recruitment firm Hays successfully applied to have an ex employee hand over his Linkedin connections.

    While in the US, Microsoft failed in a similar action against an ex employee.

    As usual it all comes down to the wording in the contracts and prosecutions.

    However, there are much wider issues to consider. Read more....

    May 16, 2012
  • How to Promote Your Blog Thru Linkedin

    Linkedin offers some fantastic options for promoting your blog to a wider audience.

    This post will tell you how to quickly install the application you need and then make the most of Linkedin.

    Killer Tip: Customise Your Profile Feed Details

    Customise Your Linkednin WeblinksFirst of all fill in your website, blog and RSS feed details in the Websites section of your main profile information panel.

    Click the Edit button next to each and enter the url of the site, blog or rss feed.

    Now here’s a killer tip which I don’t see too many people using. Most people just leave the default headings that say “Website” or “Company Blog” in the description field, which is pretty boring and uninviting.

    However, what you can do is customise these headings to either use enticing calls to action as I’ve done, or if you really wanted to be clever include some keywords in the headings.

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    May 08, 2012
  • The Value of Your Network

    It really is all about you

    Co founder of Linkedin Reid Hoffman recently made a great short video of why your network is important.

    Hoffman’s perspective is that your network is the key extension of how successful you are as a professional.

    And therefore it is essential to keep developing it and yourself in order to succeed.

    Learn more of the key points about what he said, and advanced tips for using Linkedin here...

    Apr 30, 2012
  • Don’t Have 500 Linkedin Connections? You’re Not Really Trying

    girls social networkHow do you know if you measure up in the professional social media space?

    Recently I had an interesting exchange with online marketing and social media consultant Jeff Korhan, from Chicago who said that “Virtually everyone has more than 500 LinkedIn connections.”

    I said I thought that figure was unrealistic but Jeff shot back that:

    “If someone hasn’t gathered 500 LinkedIn in connections it’s fair to say they aren’t really trying.”

    Ouch I said and pleaded that Australians as a whole had been slow on the social media uptake despite being a nation of renowned early adopters.

    Jeff conceded that local factors did play a part in this.

    As an exercise I decided to see how many of my local Perth Linkedin network passed Jeff’s 500 benchmark.

    Find out how many made the grade...

    Apr 25, 2012
  • How to Turbo Charge Your Linkedin Profile

    Linkedin for Business Tip 2

    turbo charge linkedinBeing easily found on Linkedin is essential if you want to attract new business. But with the millions of other professionals on the network how do you make sure you are at the top of the list?

    Optimising your profile is one of the smartest and relatively easiest things you can do on Linkedin.  By optimising, I mean that when someone does a search for a specialist professional in a particular field, your name is at the top of the Linkedin search results.


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    Apr 17, 2012
  • How to Connect on Linkedin

    Linkedin for Business Tip 1


    If you want people to respond to your invitations on Linkedin then make sure you at least have a complete profile.

    That may sound obvious but at least once a week I get an invitation from someone to connect who has a poorly developed profile.

    Like most people the first thing I do when I get an invitation to connect is I check out their profile. What I’m really doing is seeing if this person is of some value to connect to.

    How not to be an empty face...

    Apr 04, 2012
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