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    • Have You Seen Rebel Mouse Yet?

      See all your social life visually

      Rebel Mouse IconIf you haven't come across RebelMouse yet you are in for a treat.

      It can take all of your social activity and display it as a highly engaging visual page of your online life. See mine below, or click here to see the full blown version.

      You can add as many of your social services and websites as you like and it all comes together to give others a great picture of your online activity.

      Rebel Mouse has a host of other features which are best discovered by playing with it. Best of all it's completely free. Just sign in with Twitter, Facebook etc, add a few networks and hey presto you have a very cool looking webpage of yourself.

      See how cool this is...

      Oct 13, 2012
    • Are Heat Maps Accurate?

      New Eye Tracking Tool to Boost Conversion Rates

      heat-mapsHeat maps, click maps and eye-tracking simulators have been an essential part of conversion rate optimisation for awhile, but how accurate are they?

      Recently I came across a new service, called EyeQuant, which claims to be far more accurate than many of the other heat mapping  services.

      Proper eye tracking technology is expensive and out of reach of most businesses, so to fill the gap a range of web based heat mapping servies have sprung up.

      Most are based on an algorithm that supposedly mimics human eye behaviour, but according to EyeQuant, this is actually unsuitable for use on ads or websites as it performs no better than chance.

      EyeQuant claims that its new service is far more accurate and gets 90% accuracy at less than 1% of the cost and time for a professional eye tracking experiment.

      Learn more...

      Jun 07, 2012
    • New Qubit Analytics & Tag Management Suite

      qubit graphicQubit is a new service offering tag management, analytics, automation and personalisation in one suite of products.

      Founded by four ex Google employees in 2010 in London, Qubit promises to increase online business results by measuring the entire customer journey.

      It’s sort of like a much smarter version of Google Analytics with added personal insights into your customers.

      It’s made up of three core product areas, with each one split into several sub services.

      Learn more...

      May 31, 2012
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