Real Results - Money in the Bank

Tangible results speak louder than any other metric.

Especially financial results that you can take to the bank.  Everybody knows what you did and what you got.

Even if you don't sell directly online, you should still have some real measure of what you want to achieve online.

The following results speak for themselves. They cover businesses with very different markets and objectives.

Australian Coral Farms

      Increased international distribution network
      Developed monthly online sales in excess fo $50,000.
      New wholesale distributors in the USA Canada, France and Europe.
      Increased national distribution network
      Increased retail customer base
      Reduced development cost by 90%
      Number one search engine position for key term

Aquaculture Council of Western Australia

      Reduced redevelopment cost by $80,000 without any loss of functionality or quality
      Improved search engine ranking by over 3 million places in less than a month.
      Number one ranking for selected terms on all major search engines in just over a month.
      Page one ranking on major search engines for general aqualculture terms
      Maintained these positions for over two years with no further effort
      Increase Site traffic 400%
      Increased Search Engine Traffic by 400%.
      Increased site performance by 800%
      Number one search engine position for key terms

The Perth Mint

      Conversion rate of 10%
      Average order value 10 times the global average
      Email open rates 60% abbove industry average.
      Click thru rates 25% above industry norm.
      Six figure monthly turnover


What The Bosses Said:

australian coral farms logo


"Mark's advice to our operation changed our company virtually overnight. The increased attention our operation now receives is at such a level we have had to say STOP! Let's take a breather!

"It's the sort of thing you read in books but dont quite believe, you dont know how good your operation can be till Mark has a chance to work his magic.

"I only wish all the consultants we come accross had Mark's attention to detail and ability to get outcomes the way he does.

"My greatest nightmare is that my competitors will find his phone number!"

Wayne Mackenzie-Brown, Owner, Australian Coral Farms.


ACWA logo

"Mark's website development and management service is second to none. His knowledge and attention to detail have made such a difference to Aquaculture Council of WA website and its priority place in our communication and business development strategy.

"Mark was able to save us almost $80,000 on the initial website development costs. The new website proceeded to jump 3 million places search rankings within a month, a produced a trebling of site traffic. Now our website captures 15% of all global aquaculture inquiries. A result I never thought would be possible."

Dan Machin, Chief Executive Officer, Aquaculture Council of WA Inc.



"[Our ecommerce development}...was a huge task and involved liason with outside consultants and suppliers to determine the feasibility of our plans. It also involved a significant amount of investigative work as there was little experience in the market of dealing with many of our requests.

"All of this had to be done within extremely strict budget parameters and Mark handled the job exceptionally well."

Veronica Maguire, General Manager, Goldcorp Australia - The Perth Mint


red spark"Bloody Good! Mark has a great ability to see things from the customer's perspective, identify areas that improve the customer experience and help businesses achieve a demonstrable, tangible return on their internet marketing and strategy investments. Mark is one of the true pioneers of e-commerce and internet marketing in Western Australia and has a track record of great work.”"

Jim Poignand, Managing Director, Redspark


What Others Have Said:


landlord central"Wow! The scope for improvement just in the first month is… a 100 fold."

Anthony Aoun, Founder / Systems Deployment, Landlord Central


"Mark's a perfectionist."

Eugene Deegan, Owner, NuaCreative


"I found Mark had an excellent grasp of how people interact and buy online - but further also a unique understanding about what goes on in the minds of buyers when they don't continue the clickstream to purchase."

"In summary, good at both higher level strategic issues, and also a great grasp of the detail - absolutely necessary for digital direct marketing approaches."

Justin Davies ” Regional Director at Ross Human Directions - Consulting Division (formerly Spherion Technology)




Whether it be through increased revenue, increased membership, lead generation, cost savings or key messages effectively communicated, we will develop a set of online objectives, success measures and strategies for you. Measures that will leave you and your company in no doubt as to what is being achieved.

Other clients I have worked for.

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