Online-Offline Marketing

"The basic point about the web is that it is not an advertising medium. The web is not a selling medium; it is a buying medium. It is user-controlled, so the user controls, the user experiences."
- Jakob Nielsen, leading web researcher.

Today's customers are immune to most marketing efforts, yet they are still seeking a genuine reason to do business with you.

If you create a compelling experience and real value for them you will produce online business results that are way above the norm.

Attraction or Repulsion

Everything on and about your website either adds to the customer's experience or detracts from it, and in some cases actively repels your customers.

The web is a one to one interaction with your customer.

Your customers are alone in front of their computer interacting with you (your website), having a relationship. This is not a mass marketing medium. Your website must be designed to deliver a seemingly one to one experience.

Old style marketing that tries to control the customers' interaction and push something onto them will not succeed online.

Today your customer is in control of just about everything associated with the promotion of your product.

The customer decides what they do, when they do it and what action they take.

If they like you, you'll get a second date. if not neither they nor any of their friends will likely ever do business with you.

There are no second chances: Once a customer is lost, they are lost forever.

To truly succeed online you need to delve deeper into what will make the customer more attracted to your site.

Is it an easy experience? Does the website flow naturally and effortlessly?

Is it an engaging and compelling experience for your customers.

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