Play a Smarter Game

Much of today's online business is incredibly inefficient: A huge waste of time, energy and money.

Most forms of online marketing you do will only work for as long as you’re paying for the campaign.

Once the campaign is over, you're back to where you started, and you'll have to write another cheque for the coming month to keep the results coming in.

If you want to get off this costly marketing treadmill, the trick is to play a smarter, more strategic game. 

Fortunately there is a proven methodology you can follow to do so.


Do the one thing almost nobody else does...

It all comes down to one thing that very few people understand or do anything about.

Your customers either click or they don't.

Sounds too simple, but it is incredibly powerful, and something that will give you a substantial advantage.

It means all of your online marketing is accountable.

Regardless of whether a customer clicks or not, you will always learn something.

If they click, you will learn what works and you can do more of it and improve on it.

If they don't click, you'll know what doesn't work, and you can stop doing that and start doing something else.

Knowing this, you can then start to design an online asset that produces real results.


... and get the results almost no-one else does.

This is a strategy to systematically improve your online results.

It's what all high converting online businesses do.

It may sound simple, but ensuring your customers move though your sales or enrolment process as effortlessly as possible, takes work.

However it's very straightforward work, there is no incomprehensible online voodoo.

By systematically improving all of the related elements of your online business, and integrating effective marketing practices you can produce exponential results, and at a much lower cost.

This is how I help you.


Stop Leaking Money

For example, most sites are suffering from the online equivalent of The Death of a Thousand Cuts.

Leaking revenue and business from thousands of tiny, seemingly unimportant niggles that add up to an almost terminal performance haemorrhage.

The first step is to fix them.

Making a site work for everybody immediately increases your market reach and marketing performance.

One Thousand Moments of Truth

If most web sites are dying The Death of a Thousand Cuts, then improving on them represents A Thousand Moments of Truth.

To ensure you triumph in these "moments of truth" I examine all of factors that have a bearing on your business's online success, then look at the benefits of addressing each factor, the costs associated, possible remedies and solutions, plus the consequences of not addressing them.

By taking a more detailed and strategic look at your online business you will build up a detailed picture of how your site is functioning, or not functioning as is usually the case.

Then you can address each issue as a matter of strategy and priority. You can determine what needs to be done short, mid and long term, what solutions you can implement, possible development paths and likely costs.

This results in strategy, plans and actions that any business owner can understand.

If you'd like to learn more about how this can be applied to your business then please contact me via the options on this page.

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